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We all know that multiple monitors can increase our capacity and deliver a vast experience, exclusively when using a laptop. But how to associate visible monitors with a laptop? You’ve arrived at the right station. This article announces simple and clear guidance to connect two external monitor devices to your computer. 

Think before you start

Most Windows laptops now sustain dual monitors, at least. But you must be able to add two external monitors to secure your computer. And that confides in your Windows-performing System the potential of your graphics cards and drivers.

Windows XP/7/8/10 supports multiple monitors, so you must look for your laptop’s graphics card and ports.

Check with a Graphics card.

Firstly, you may require your graphics card to support multiple monitors. Commonly, all graphics cards equip at least two outputs. Still, you will need to look for the graphics card properties on the maker’s website, find your graphics card and review the specifications to detect if it supports adding two external monitors.

Suppose it does not support your device adding multiple monitors. In that case, you may require to purchase and install a valid graphics card before you keep processing.

Check Usable Ports on your Laptop.

Then you may require to check the ports on your laptop. Commonly, a computer or notebook allows any of these four ports: 

→ Display Port can give an interface with optional audio high-definition content security.

→ Digital Video Interface (DVI) is generally color-coded with white plastic and labels.

→ Video Graphics Array (VGA) is commonly color-coded with blue plastic and labels.

→ High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) can connect all video devices and provide sounds via cable.

You can test the ports on the back side of your laptop. In addition to the ports on your computer, the monitors should also have comparable ports. That will recover your time and money to attach them. Otherwise, you will require an additional adapter, such as a DVI to an HDMI adapter, to match them

If you don’t have the matching ports or if there are not ample ports on laptops

If the ports on your laptop are different from the connectors in your monitor cables, or there are no great ports, keep going. There is a look around! You can try one of the methods below to endure:

→ Use a pluggable 4k Displayport and HDMI Dual and HDMI adapter to connect monitors and your laptop. It’s a simple adapted USB 3.0 system with dual DisplayPort and HDMI ports for a simple connection to two 4K monitors. Plug this adapter, and you can combine two monitors into your laptop.

→ Use an additional switch splitter, like a Display splitter, to have two HDMI ports. It does work if you have a single HDMI port on your laptop but require dual HDMI ports.

→ Utilize a docking station, and it works in different circumstances.

How To Set Up Two Monitors And Connect With A Laptop

Set Up Two Monitors And Connect With A Laptop

Since everything is arranged, you can combine the two monitors with your laptop.

Attention: Connect your monitors although your laptop is Switched On. In most cases, Windows will notice when a new monitor is noted. 

→ Plug the cable of the very first external monitor into the correct video port on your laptop. So plug the VGA cable on the first external monitor and attach the VGA port to the laptop.

→ Plug the cable of the second surface monitor into the other right port on your laptop. So we plug the HDMI cable of the second surface monitor into the HDMI port on the laptop.

→ On your laptop, click the right on an empty area of your desktop:

    • If you are using Windows 10, select the Display settings.
    • If you are using Windows 8/7, tap on the Screen resolution. 
  • In display mode, you will notice three displays labeled 1, 2, and 3. Usually, display 1 is your laptop’s monitor, and acts 2 and 3 are external monitors. 
  • Tap display 2, choose to Extend desktop to this Display in Multiple shows, and select Apply.  
  • Tap display 3, choose to Extend desktop to this Display in Multiple shows, and select Apply. 
  • Tap OK to complete the settings; you can use all three monitors on your laptop.

Attention: You can tap and drag all Displays (1, 2, or 3) to rearrange the collection. You can also mix the size of items, like resolution, Display, and orientation, accordingly.

Addition: What if you can't Look at the Plugged-in Monitors?

Sometimes the external monitors need to be accurately identified by your laptop. This can be evolved by improper connection, defective monitor, or cables. Be sure all the cables attach perfectly and do some tests with a different monitor and another line.

If it still doesn’t work, your graphics card driver does not support multiple monitors Display. A driver update is essential.

There Are Two Ways To Amend Drivers: Automatically And Manually

Manually – while updating the printer driver manually, look for the correct driver paired with your Windows OS on the manufacturer’s website and lodging it on your computer. This needs time and computer skills.

Automatically – If you are rushed or have no patience to update drivers manually, you can do that automatically with Drive Easy. It has a free version that can detect and download outdated drivers on your Windows with only a few taps.

You can update your drivers automatically, even FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. 

→ Download and install Driver Easy.

→ Run Driver Easy and tap the Scan Now button. Driver Easy after that, you can scan your computer and detect any driver issues.

→ Tap the Update button after to a flagged device to automatically download the proper drivers and install them on your computer. Or tap on Update All to automatically download all the correct missing or outdated drivers on your Windows.

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