The 7 Best Android Browsers of 2022

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Today all that people do is search the internet for anything and nothing. They spend most of their time in these Android and Mac browsers browsing the internet. Well, there are plenty of options for you to use as internet browsers in your Android OS. However, it is important that you choose the best ones for your android device to be safe and secure while browsing. Even though your android phones and devices have default browsers installed in them, it is better to get yourself better browsers. As in the case of Apple phones, they have Safari as their default browser. For android phones, it is mostly google chrome or opera as default browsers. Here are the 7 best android browsers that you can opt for in 2022.

Google Chrome

Being one of the most used browsers on Android devices, Google Chrome is considered the fastest android browser that you can go for. With such an easy-to-use interface, google chrome also has google translate built-in options for easily translating foreign language web pages. Some of the features offered by google chrome browsers are autofill, personalized search results, incognito browsing, safe browsing, google translation, etc.


As a stable and reliable browser, people still use Firefox as their first priority android browser. The easy-to-use and secure platform offer features like syncing and showing related searches and websites looking after your recent or past searches. But on the negative side, the firefox browser can slow down your phone. If you want to use firefox at its maximum full benefit, you might have to use it on a PC or a Mac computer.


With a built-in VPN and a built-in ad blocker, Opera is considered to be the best VPN browser to use. With a few speed issues depending on what devices you use Opera, it is safe to use Opera browsers on your android devices. Along with an AI-curated personalized news tailor system, Opera also enhances your security and privacy during browsing.

Samsung Internet Browser

With the technologies opening up various branches like AI, VR, etc, you can browse the internet with VR using Samsung Internet Browser. Well as the name suggests, this browser is optimized for mainly Samsung phones. Some interesting features that these browser offers are secure browsing, anti-tracking capabilities, a content blocker for nefarious websites, etc.


With the best gesture-driven interface, Dolphin browsers have many other useful add ons too. Even though it is not the most stable browser or a faster browser comparing others, it still has some features for searching online through voice search or posting or sharing content on Facebook and other social media. It also supports flash and has ad-blockers as well as incognito browsing options.

Naked Browser

The most simple android browser which can run on any age of android phone would be the Naked browser. With a minimalistic interface, speed and efficiency are maintained all along browsing the internet using the Naked browser. Using very little memory, the naked browser gives no risk of cracking and also can become one of the most minimalistic browsers to use.


The tag for most charitable browsers can be given to the Ecosia browser. Introducing a new initiative for planting trees in exchange for using the browser, helps reforest the planet, making it an ‘eco-friendly browser’ literally. The fast and ethical qualities along with private mode, tabs, bookmarks, history section, etc make the users happy with what the browser provides.

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