Windows 12: News and Expected Cost, Release Date, Specs, and Many More Rumours

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You can’t update to Windows 12, but here’s when you may be able to and what aspects to expect.

Windows 12 is a possible future update to Microsoft’s operating system. It is expected to be released in 2024, though Microsoft has yet to confirm this officially. UI enhancements, great Android app support, AI, and a greater reliance on the Settings app are all possible features for this Windows 11 successor.

When Will Windows 12 Be Available

We have yet to confirm the authenticity of Windows 12. We don’t believe Microsoft will pull a Windows 9 and skip this version in favor of Windows 13—we just haven’t heard anything official from the organization.

That being said, it is on its way. It must be specified when. One rumor we’ve heard suggests that the operating system will be upgraded. Tom’s Hardware discovered a mention of Microsoft working on Windows 12 on the German website Surprisingly, that occurred in February 2022, less than six months after the public release of Windows 11!

Whether or not this version is actively being developed, Windows 12 will be available for a while, given how close we are to the release of Windows 11.

Looking back at the last few major Windows releases, we need a consistent timeline to predict when Windows 12 will be released. But we can still make educated guesses.

Starting with Windows 7 in 2009:

  • Windows 8 arrived three years later, in 2012
  • Windows 10 came three years later, in 2015
  • Windows 11 came six years later, in 2021
  • Windows 12 might come three years later, in 2024

This timeline is echoed by Windows Central, which claimed Windows 12 is internally known as Next Valley: Microsoft intends to ship “major” versions of the Windows client every three years, according to my sources familiar with these plans. The next release is scheduled for 2024, three years after Windows 11 in 2021.

Windows 12 will follow a similar release structure to previous versions of Windows before going public. Such as the first Windows 11 Insider Preview build was made available just a few days after Microsoft announced the operating system and months before its public release.

This version is expected to follow a similar timeline, so you should be able to access a pre-release build of Windows 12 via the Windows Insider Program.

Windows 12 Cost Rumours

There’s an excellent chance Windows 12 will be provided as an optional, free update for Windows 11 and possibly Windows 10 users with a valid Windows.

If you require the latest license, you’ll be able to get the new digital version from Microsoft’s website or through other devices.

The organization will probably cost it much like they do Windows 11:

  • $139.99 for Windows 12 Home
  • $199.99 for Windows 12 Pro

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Windows 12 Aspects

As with any major OS update, numerous minor updates and changes will undoubtedly be under the hood. This should result in improved overall performance, new icons and animations, and additional settings to play with.

The Top 5 Windows 11 Features You Should Know
The Top 5 Windows 11 Features You Should Know

Nothing has been confirmed, and nothing will be for a long time, but here are some more significant ideas that could make their way into Windows 12:

The 2022 Microsoft Ignite keynote may have revealed the Windows 12 user interface.

It has a floating taskbar dock in the middle, a floating finding bar at the top, and various other icons in the screen’s bottom right and bottom left corners.

The taskbar is slightly different from the one we’ve grown accustomed to over the years in that it hovers over the bottom of the screen. On the other hand, the search bar has never been at the top in that position and is only partially detached from the taskbar.

According to Windows Central, other UI changes, such as a new lock screen (hopefully more valuable) and notification center, are planned to generate a consistent interface across Microsoft’s product line.

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